Car Race

About this item

  • Portable games: keep kids entertained on the go with this magnetic, Lightweight, pocket-sized board game. [Size: 7.6 inches]
  • Fun to travel with: share the cool car games that you enjoyed as a child with your kids and grandkids and have them race you Other portable games include checkers, backgammon, chess, snakes & ladders, battlefleet, bingo, Sudoku, peg solitaire, Tangram, reversi, dominoes, and Chinese checkers and many others.
  • Party favor: great gift or party favor for any occasion. Open it up and get kids engaged for hours with a hand on activity.
  • Transforming wait time: got a few minutes to spare? Pull out this magnetic race game and get straight into it. Just convert the tin box into a game board and start racing.
  • No technology: these fun games are designed to keep kids playing actively, to limit the use of technology.

The Purple Cow magnetic travel race car game for kids and adults is a great companion for any occasion. It fits right into your back pocket, bag or purse and is self-contained. Each box can be transformed into a board on which you play, along with magnetic pieces and with printed instructions on the back. The Purple Cow magnetic travel race car game for kids is a contagious, fun car game where you get to race each other around a track- just like when we didn't have a game console, and gadgets to play with. Who needs apps When you can pull out a real board game and have fun, anywhere? Give kids a toy They want to keep returning to it is the perfect companion to every situation. Whether you're at home, in a car, on a plane, train or even hanging out with friends- pull out the board game and get ready for a good jaunt. Transform ‘waiting in line time’ into ‘game time’ with our collection of games. Forget the game console, apps or phones and all other technology and get ready for hours of hands on fun Travel, vacation, party time and all other times can be that much more fun with a game for both adults and kids to play together. This mini, travel size, magnetic board game contains everything you need in a single set, to play on the go- magnetic game pieces, a die and a tin case that opens to become the game board itself and the game instructions printed right on the back of the case so you will never lose them. The Purple Cow offers 30 different magnetic mini travel games to provide hours of fun and enhance learning and engagement. Our small, magnetic, Travel-sized games make great party favors, stocking stuffers and gifts for any occasion. Give your kids the gift of playing classic games like chess, Chinese checkers or bingo. Pick from a wide collection of 30 magnetic travel games to be delivered right to your doorstep. Just open up, pull out your curiosity and smiles and we’ll provide the hours of fun For ages 3 and over.