Monuments & Landmarks

About this item

  • Go fish: The Purple Cow "go fish" Is a fun and easy to play card game also known as quartet, foursomes, and trumps around the world. Game rules are easy: collect as many four-card series as you can. (Detailed instructions inside). by playing our go fish monuments & landmarks series, children will enhance their General knowledge through a fun and engaging game.
  • Fun facts: by playing our "go fish" Series, children will learn exciting facts about monuments & landmarks around the world: man-made and natural – mountains, castles, earth mysteries, wonders of the world, city gates, rivers, and many others. After playing “go fish “these will be more than just names!
  • Educational game: playing The Purple Cow go fish is sure a fun game, but it's not just a fun game - It instills basic General knowledge that is so much missing in our fast-paced digital world, can be used as an educational aid by teachers in the classroom, class study, and home schooling.
  • On-the-go-fish: The Purple Cow 'go fish' Is perfect for on-the-go gaming, This tin box fits into any travel bag or backpack. Easy to carry, easy to play easy to store and Super easy clean up. Just put the playing card back in our convenient compact tin storage case and go fish!
  • What's inside: this: “Go fish” card game - monuments & landmarks series contains 41 colorful illustrations playing cards, detailed instructions & explanations in every single playing card of the monuments and landmarks around the world.

The Purple Cow games designed by professionals, an architect and a Doctor of psychology to make the games appealing, interesting and educational, the go Fish Series comes in a compact, slim thin case perfect for traveling or just slip into your backpack to keep kids entertained wherever you go, or an ideal birthday present for family and friends. By playing our "go fish" Series, children will learn all about exciting landmarks & monuments around the Globe such as mountains, castles, wonders of the world and many more. After playing this game These will no longer be just names! The Purple Cow is a family owned company, formed in Australia. We design games for kids and adults to stay engaged with real hands-on game time, without using technology and gadgets. We believe playtime should involve the whole family and lots of curiosity and learning… come- play with us!