The Creative Family

  • Better afternoon: allow your kids to have a more creatively fruitful time. Spark your kids’ creativity and support their fine motor skills & visual analysis with 20 DIY arts & crafts activities. 100% satisfaction – If you & Your toddler are not completely thrilled with these arts & craft ideas, enjoy a full refund, no questions asked.
  • Safe & easy: This brilliant arts & crafts require common items and materials, that usually can be found in every home. Using only households materials makes our crafts easy to make, safe to use, and.
  • Always prepared: our art & Crafts are easy to make, and do not require any preparation or games rule explanations, which means you are always prepared! For school holidays, in-doors afternoon, and especially for playdates! Adult supervision required.
  • The Creative Family: in our ‘the Creative Family” kit you can find twenty beautiful projects that can easily be done at home with family and friends. Here are some of the activities: toys from a cardboard box, vitrage, walnut Mice, fruit sculptures, recycled necklaces, and many many more!
  • What's inside: The Purple Cow homemade kit includes 20 art & Crafts activities cards. Each card includes a guided picture with a simple explanation. Suitable for kids aged 3 and up.

We all try to keep our kids busy in more or less The same ways: TV/ computer/ toys/ the park . What about other, more creative ways? Creative wi-fi-free activities? Where? 'Homemade' By The Purple Cow provides fantastic ideas for creative yet simple art crafts activities that can easily be done at home using household items. Fun safe play with zero preparations only non-dangerous crafts were picked for this kit, also not many materials are required- materials normally found in every house, So you are always prepared to offer a fun and creative alternative activity in your pocket (actually, in a durable tin case). perfect for playdates, indoors afternoons, or for any case of "Mom I'm bored", "dad! It's raining" And, "there's nothing on TV"! Using ordinary households items for arts and crafts increases creativity and imagination and also, can help teach your kids a valuable lesson about the benefits of re-use and recycling while creating beautiful arts and crafts including jewelry, toys, games, prints, and many many more! What ages are we talking about? Children as young as 3 years old can enjoy this kit with guidance. 10 years old and up can work independently. 100% satisfaction. If you your toddler are not completely thrilled with these cool arts craft ideas, enjoy a full refund, no questions asked!