The Magic of Science - Activity Cards

        The Purple Cow Crazy Scientist – 'The Magic of Science' Activity Card Set is an Educational Science Kit for Kids 6 and older is a great hands-on experimental kit for learning about the world around us. It involves learning and using curiosity through various experiments. Each card comes with an easy to follow, step by step experiment which can be conducted using common objects from around the house like water, scissors, rope, baking soda, etc. It makes a great STEM learning at home, at school or even at a party. Offer it to your kids and watch them engage in learning STEM for hours! Challenge your kid's minds and make fascinating discoveries using the magic of science! As an experiment kit for kids, each card has instructions and images to explain what the task is. Each experiment is designed to help kids learn more about science either by themselves or with their parent's supervision. Try any of the experiments, skip a few, come back when you feel more challenged .The learning can never really stop! We try to make sure our games are easily accessible and fun for kids because we all know how easily distracted this digital generation is The timing of each experiment depends on the child’s level of comprehension and ability. Some may take seconds to discover while others could take several days, for example, if the experiment includes glue drying. The Purple Cow Crazy Scientist – 'The Magic of Science' Card Activity Set is an ideal kid science learning kit for homeschooling, as a classroom aid or for STEM learning and experiments. The experiments are cleverly designed to be fun, engaging and simple all while using items which can be found in our surrounding, especially indoors. Discover how to create a magic spell to make an egg float, or how to glue a balloon to the ceiling without using glue, and much more! No need for TV, computers or cell phones. This card activity kit with 20 experiments has you covered for hours of fun! This kit makes a great gift for the young and curious people in your life. Recommended age for these kits is 6-15, although we’ve seen many parents get very involved in the process and love it as much as their children! The Purple Cow Crazy Scientist – The Magic of Science Activity Card Set comes in a reusable metal tin which is 4.1 x 5.6 x 0.6 inches and weighs less than 5 ounces so can easily be mailed. Once at home, we hope you and your kids will spend hours on the experiments and learn, engage and play together. About us: The Purple Cow was founded in Australia. We are game designers, developers, and manufacturers. These days our company operates with two Headquarters in MD, USA and Caesarea, Israel. Our Central warehouse is based in MD, USA and we are shipping games to over 40 countries worldwide. As a family business, we want our kids to grow with learning through science and other hands-on experiments. That’s not an easy task which is why we create creative and educational content for kids that is above all – super fun. We use distinct designs which we create with our inhouse artist, Inna Semadar. We try to mix up a variety of materials and strive to deliver value on a budget. We thank you for your continuous support and promise to continue to innovate and excite. Bring home the fun and learning experience of The Purple Cow and let us know how it goes with your kids! We’d love to hear from you.
About the item:
  • DISCOVER THE MAGIC OF SCIENCE: Become a scientific magician experimenting with The Crazy Scientist - The Magic of Science, a set of 20 amazing magical tricks supported by a scientific explanation. You will feel like you are in your own laboratory
  • FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY: Create fun learning experiences that can be enjoyed by the entire family! Each science trick comes with a simple yet clever scientific explanation; an ideal STEAM gift.
  • SCIENCE MADE FUN: A green sunny side-up egg, a balloon with a skewer stuck in it, and much more! No need for decks of card, sports or other action games. This has you covered with hours of fun!
  • BENEFITS: Fun for boys and girls. This can be an aid used for educational purposes by teachers in the classroom, class study, & for STEM or STEAM activities. Kids will love this creative learning.
  • SPECIFICS: Each kit contains 20 activity cards with detailed instructions. Product recommended for ages 6-99 years old. Some science tricks may require adult supervision as indicated.