With your Grandparents

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About this item

  • Convenient convenient tin case is designed to fit in almost any bag! Going to visit the grandparents and worry about the bonding experience? This set is the best icebreaker!
  • Ideal for bonding sometimes it feels that the different Generations speak a different language How could this digital "screen addicted" Generation bond with the old timers? This kit was made exactly for that It is a bridge for a perfect bonding experience your young ones will a have fun time playing with grandparents and getting to know them better with this popular item
  • Benefits children These days are too focused on their screens and sometimes it feels so hard to get them interested in these people that are so important in their lives Getting to know and bond with their grandparents is a must! Kids will love these game and activities that will help them step out of their shells with a creative learning experience
  • Hours of fun this set offers 20 activities and games and offers a wonderful bonding opportunity between grandparents parents children & grandkids Popular As a birthday gift but mainly as an aid tool to get grandparents and their grandkids on the same page A great boredom Buster!
  • What's inside each tin case contains 20 great kids games and activities cards We recommended Our card game for kids for ages 5 and up